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Writing a Letter of Application

A letter of job application is necessary so you can explain points that cannot be seen in your resume. These points should help you get hired for the job.

Below are some tips on how to write job application letters:

  • When you are writing an application letter, make sure that it should fit one page. Choose a simple and safe font style and size like Times New Roman, size 12.
  • Include your address either as a heading at the top center or at the top left part of the paper. Remember that an application letter is a formal letter. Include the date and the name of the company that you are applying to.
  • The salutation should also be formal.
  • For your first paragraph, introduce yourself and the position that you are applying for. Include a statement about why they should hire you among others. You should make this statement short and direct to the point to make a good and lasting impression.
  • Include the points that your employer will love to know about you. It should be in relation to the position that you are applying for. Remember that you are trying to maximize what little space you may have for all your credentials so be specific and stick to the facts.
  • Close your letter by writing a sentence or two about strengths as shown in the prior paragraphs. Remember to sound professional and confident. Say thank you to the reader for taking the time to read your letter.
  • Include a contact number if necessary together with your complimentary close and name.

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