Condolence Letters

Writing A Condolence Letter

A condolence letter is a good way to show a friend or a relative that you care for their loss and that you are willing to extend any help that you can give to help them recover from the tragedy.

Below are some tips that you can use when writing a condolence letter:

  • It is best to start your letter with telling the recipient how saddened you are to hear about their loss. Do not use offending words such as dead, died, brutally killed, suicide, etc.
  • It is also best to say something good and memorable about the person who died. If you do not know the person, you can say that you wished you had the opportunity to meet them. Sharing stories about the person is also advised.
  • If you were shocked by the death of the person, you can say so. However, if the death was anticipated, you can say kind words like, “he is at peace now”.
  • You can close the letter by offering companionship and support that you can readily give.

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