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Ramesh Jain

Manager, Sales Dept,

Quickserve Solutions


May 4, 2010

Subject: Application for Leave

Dear Sir,

I am writing to request you a leave of absence for three weeks starting from May 3 to 24, 2010 as my mother has been diagnosed with a tumour and has to undergo surgery for the same. She needs someone to accompany her to the hospital for the surgery and someone to be with her during the recovery period.

The entire process, according to the doctor, will take about two-three weeks. As my mother and I are the only ones in the family, it is obvious that this responsibility will fall on my shoulders. I will be reachable on phone always; hence anyone from office may contact me if any help is required.

I therefore request you to please accept my leave application. I will be very grateful for it.

Thanking you,


Sushma Kanti

Assistant Sales Manager,


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