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Waitress Cover Letter

15th July 2009

Ms Karen Nazereth

Karen’s Corner,

Post Road, Fairfield CT 06881

Dear Ms. Nazereth,

I am interested in applying for the post of waitress at your restaurant and am enclosing my resume for your inspection.

I have been working as a waitress for the past ten months with Antonio’s. I am a diligent worker and believe in delivering a service with a smile. In my previous job many people have patronized the place due to my excellent catering abilities.  I believe in the adage that a satisfied customer brings in more business and endeavor to ensure that all patrons are truly happy at the restaurant.

I am available at (203) 555-6666 at all times and would love to discuss my candidature with you.

Thank you for considering this and looking forward to receiving a call from you.


Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith

Encl. Resume

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