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Vendor Termination Letter

Dear Ms. Dunst,

Please be informed that I will now be terminating your contract to us as a vendor in this establishment on October 15, 2010. This decision came after the members of the board of Directors have decided to sell the building top a top investor in this city. The date also coincides with the expiration of your contract to us as a vendor.

The decision is hard for the company but there is nothing left to us as an option. We are hit by the crisis and to save the company we have to sell some of our assets including this building where you are a vendor.

To minimize your burden we have decided to give you 60 days before the actual date mentioned above to look for another space where you can sell your products.

I do hope that you understand and humbly accept this termination letter. Thank you and God Bless!

Truly yours,

Mr. Chris T. Jones

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