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Uses Of Letter Writing

Letter writing is a very important skill that not most people are gifted with. It is best to train children while they are young to write letters. Below are some advantages of writing letters at an early age:

    • The communication skills of children are improved while they are still young.
    • Their handwriting skills are also enhanced so they are guaranteed to have a better penmanship as time goes by.
    • They will also learn how to socialize by writing thank you letters or when asking for permission or information.

Writing letters has bridged so many gaps in the past that it is still one of the most highly revered and formal way of communicating your thoughts to another individual or group. By writing a letter, they will see your determination in pursuing a certain goal.

With the emergence of technology such as SMS and chats, communication has been very informal. These types of communication will never be able to replace the many uses and advantages of letter writing.

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