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Thank You Letter For The Gift

March 18, 2010

Ms. Rebecca Goldsmith

HR Department

New Company Ltd.

AB Lane, Newland

Fancyland, WA

Dear Ms. Goldsmith,

It was an honor to receive such a beautiful bouquet that you sent this morning. The gift brightened up my day and my office. I appreciate the fact that you noticed my love for flowers and have sent the loveliest bouquet appropriate for my office. I simply love the white and pink lilies along with the carnations.

I thank you again for the gift and feel honored to be remembered on my birthday with such bright and cheerful shades of flowers. At work, we tend to forget that beyond a business relationship we are also humans who share a bond of amicability and friendship. Thank you for remembering me and making my day so beautiful with these flowers.

Looking forward to see you soon!

Rob Howard

Business Consultant,

General Business Company Ltd.

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