Termination Letters

Termination Letter Template

Dear Ms. Hanson;

Please be informed that on September 30, 2009 your employment to this company will now be terminated. This is due to your constant violation of the company rules regarding punctuality and absences.

I have given you warnings for several times but you failed to comply with those warnings and it causes the company a lot. Because of your late and absences many clients have left the company and look for another suppliers.

Records of these late and absences are also sent to you during the company hearing regarding these matters. I have given you chances before and I believe that you had enough considerations thus my decision to terminate your employment to my company.

You are given one month before the actual date mentioned above to look for another job that is right for you and I believe that this is just fair. I have nothing more to say but thank you to the services that you have provided us.

Truly yours,

Mr. Shaun Naz

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