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Tax receipt letter

Room 201,

Boulevard road,


January 2010

Dear Taxpayer,

The property tax receipt of the City of Madison has been divided into five parts. The Madison Metropolitan Area has the largest share which is followed by the city and a small amount goes to the forestry tax.

The city budget also includes park improvements, road projects, energy savings initiatives, improved library halls and other programs to maintain and improve the quality life of the city of Madison. The city budget has also made the following investments including: Increasing Police Resources, Targeting Bad Landlords, Strengthening Neighbourhoods and Programs for Young People.

So, henceforth, I have enclosed the property tax receipt of 2010. As, I know it’s very difficult to pay the property tax bill. I just hope that you all agree with the investments that we’re making today as worthy enough. For any doubts, please feel free to contact me at any moment.


J. J. D’Souza


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