Tax Letters

Tax exempt letter

Date: May 22nd 2007

Internal Revenue Service

Cincinnati, OH -45201

Treasure projects Inc

2020 K ST NW STE 7600

Washington, DC 20006- 1806

Dear Applicant:

Employer Id: 1233- 34445

DLN: 1235887658

Contact Person: Benedict Ferry

Contact No 🙁 877) 829- 5500

Public Charity Status: 170 (a) (C) (viii)

In the letter dated May 12th 2005, you have stated that you would be considered as public charity institution not a private organization and you would be exempted from income tax under section 501(c) of Internal Revenue Code.

In accordance with the records and documents you have submitted, you are an approved charity institution and hence you will be exempted from income tax.

The announcements made in the publication 987 will help understand your duties, responsibilities and power of being a tax exempt organization. Details are also provided in our website.

Treat this as a confidential letter.


Robert Jack

(Director, Exempt Organization)

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