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Tax engagement letter

Greater Las Vegas Association

1750 E. Sahara Ave,

Las Vegas, NV -89104

Michel Johnson

3360 W, Sahara Avenue, Suite 115

Las Vegas, NV-89102

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for choosing us (Greater Las Vegas Association) to help you in your tax related problems. This letter authenticates the terms and policies of our engagement with you along with type and duration of services we provide.

All your income tax returns will be filed by us with the help of documents you submit. Sometime we may ask for additional information. The verification of the data you submit will not be done by us. We have an “Organiser’” to assist you to gather important information which will help in efficient preparation of tax returns.

The copies of record submitted by you will be retained in our office for seven years.

If you accept our terms and policies, please put your signature in the space provided.


Luther Jackson                                                                 Michael Johnson

(Manager)                                                                            (Client)

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