Sympathy Letters

Sympathy Letters

Sympathy Letters are documents that mainly portray the emotions of an individual in response to some unhappy incident which might have affected his/ her dear ones and caused some seriously heavy losses. It is very much of a gregarious instinct of man to stand by his friends and relatives and sympathize with them in their bad times. A sympathy letter does not have any set format as the expression of feelings largely varies from one person to another, but it is very much important for the letter to have a compassionate tone and a personal touch which will help in quick recovery of the victim(s).

Generally, sympathy letters start with the expression of shock or sadness on having heard the news and continue to be framed with words to console the addressee. These letters should always contain a paragraph that provides an insight into human lives and lifts up the spirits of the sufferer to fight with the adverse situations in life, with the assurance of complete support by the sender of the letter. A few things to be noted are:

  • Sympathy letters should contain words that have been carefully chosen to suit the purpose. It should neither seem too dramatic nor too indifferent.
  • These are not formal letters and should be written accordingly.

It should clearly say that you are ready to stand by the person and support him/ her not only emotionally but also financially and hence he/ she should never hesitate to share such problems.

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