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Sympathy Letter for Loss of Pet

Dr. Paul Garner

Kedleston Road, Derby

DE27 1GB

August 7, 2010

Mr. Roger Reid

Nethergate, Dundee


Dear Mr. Reid,

I have come to know that your wonderful labrador, Black, has passed away recently due to an illness.  I am deeply saddened by Black’s death, as I know that you must be, and I want to express my sympathy.

Black is a very loving and friendly dog and I know that he will surely be missed.  It is sad that he was not able to recover from the illness that suddenly befell him.  I feel especially sad that I was not able to save his life.  I was out of town when you brought him to the clinic, but the attending veterinarian said that he did everything he could to treat Black.  Maybe it is really his time to die; he has, after all, lived a long twenty-five years and has already given twenty offsprings in his lifetime.  He will live on in the puppies that he has left you.


Dr. Paul Garner

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