Sympathy Letters

Sympathy Letter Example


Watson Zoe,

#31, Bristol,


London, BS31

22nd June, 2012

Dear Mr. Watson,

Yesterday I received the news about the sad demise of your beloved mother. I know that this is a great loss to you and also your family and wish to tell you that I am there with you in your time of grief. I have been fortunate to meet your mother on a couple of occasions. She was a wonderful lady and entertained all the people at the get together with her sense of humor.

I know how your father must be feeling for the terrible loss he has to undergo after so many years of married life with your mother. In fact your mother had also mentioned how she enjoyed a great relationship with your father. So I feel it must me very difficult for him to come over such a grief. I extend my heartfelt sympathies to you and your family especially your father for the terrible loss of the most loved person in your family.

I know that losing a parent is the most difficult situation for any person as I have also gone through it a few years ago. Please feel free to seek any kind of assistance from me at any point of time and I will be more than glad to do it.

Yours truly,

Sam Northerson

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