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Sympathy Cards Letter

Rolando Samish,

256, Baldwin Park,



Mark Benson,

259, Baldwin Park,

California- 91706,


Dear Mark,

I have heard from your one of close friends Mickey that you have recently lost your pet Tuffy. When I heard the news of its death it was great sympathy from my side. I know that losing such a thing which had been around you for many years is very sad.

Yes, it is hard for you to forget your beloved pet but my dear friend life does not end hear and you would have to come out of this. When anyone leave us though he leaves us but stay always in our heart dear. I know that your pet Tuffy also leaves in your heart too and he is never going to leave your heart.

I am always standing beside you and will help you whenever you need.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

Rolando Samish

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