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Substitute Teacher Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as my formal recommendation to Mr. Robert Spaulding for the position of substitute teacher. Due to the personal circumstances of Ms. Liza Brown, the English department lacks teaching staff.

I highly recommend Mr. Spaulding to serve as a substitute teacher during the period of absence of Ms. Brown. Mr. Spaulding has been a former teacher in our school. His performance as teacher in this institution has been truly remarkable. He has excellent work ethics and is effective in his teaching responsibilities. As the Dean in this University, I can attest to the commendable performance of Mr. Spaulding.

Mr. Spaulding is truly exceptional in his work performance. He comes on time and finishes his tasks in the most effective way. He will truly be a top choice for a substitute teacher position.

I highly recommend Mr. Spaulding for the position. With him on the teaching team, he will truly be an asset to our institution.


Ms. Ledda Joy Bacon


Houston State University

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