Appreciation Letters

Staff Appreciation Letter

December 12, 2009

Andrew Johnson

34  Wallace Street, Bloomsdale

Colorado Spring CO

Dear Mr. Frank,

In behalf of the administration office, I would like to say thank you for your great efforts and contributions to our company.

I cannot say how much I appreciate your hard work. Based from your records, it shows that you have stayed late for several nights just to finish the proposal, which eventually led to the success of our new project. It also shows that you work even on holidays to finish the work assigned to you so I want to give you the highest commendation that a staff could ever receive from the company.

In the future, in case of emergency projects or proposals, I will have no doubts about leaving things completely in your hands.

I want you to know that you efforts are not disregarded. Please accept my heartfelt commendation and appreciation for your hard work.


Mark Warg

Head Administration Office

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