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Sorority Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

The sorority that has been the best one in the entire region consistently belongs to your organization. Since your organization was such an excellent group, I will gladly recommend, Shirley Fuenten, to be accepted in your sorority. She is a good person to have in your organization since she extends her loyalty freely to any group that accepts her.

She has been known to me from her childhood days when her father worked for me as an apprentice. She has developed into a well rounded woman with a good sense of humor, a keen sense of justice and a witty outlook in life.

I will be submitting this letter of recommendation with the hope that she will gain acceptance in your sorority. I know that she will be taken care of properly and warmly welcomed when she comes by for her orientation. I wish that I can extend my recommendation in person but circumstances did not allow me to do so.

I have already given the names of the persons that will possibly greet her when she comes there so that her coming will not be a nuisance.


David Soil

CEO, Top Brands Corporation

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