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Simple Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

The first thing that came to my mind when I learned that you have a vacancy in your office was Mr. John Welsh. He is of high education but humble in character.

I am recommending him based on the facts on his personae and on the years that I have known this fellow. He achieved a Master’s degree and graduated with honors. He then proceeded to work for a respected company abroad for several years before deciding to stay here in the country for good. He came to me asking if I know of any job available for his qualifications and as luck would have it, I learned of your job vacancy.

I am personally approving of his acceptance to your company, as I believe he would be a great addition to your workforce. As a company asset, he will be of much help in making your company a more efficient, dependable and honest endeavor.

I hope that my recommendation will enable you to accept him. I assure you that I am not mistaken in judging his skills and character, as I have known him for a long time already. Thank you.


Mark Lester


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