Approval Letters

Short Sale Approval Letter


Robin Williamson

46, Moving Apartments, Western London


25TH July 2012

Sub – Short sale approval letter.

Dear Mr. Robin

I am writing this letter to inform you that your application for short sale of your property has been approved. The management of the bank has agreed to sell your residential property located at 45, J.L Road, Western London and will use the proceeds money to pay back the loan that you have taken from our bank. Your outstanding dues by 31st July 2012 are for $250000. The value received after selling your property will be adjusted against your dues to our bank. Any excess amount if any will be credited directly to your bank account. The bank after selling your property will issue you a no objection certificate as full and final settlement of the Loan and all other past dues.

Hope that you will accept all the terms and conditions related with the short sale notice. You can contact our office to get all your queries related to short sale solved by an expert of our bank. We will wait for a confirmation letter in this regard from your side.

Thanking you

Chris Peterson

Branch Manager

Orange Bank Limited

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