Holiday Letters

Secret Holiday Letter


Nancy Myers

Off Shore Apartments

21 Rodney Wire Street

Fin Land, Indiana 4098

Dated: 12th of April 2012

Dear Nancy,

I am writing this letter to share a recent secret with you as you are one of my best friends. I will be currently going on a holiday to the Hawaiian Islands on 20th of April 2012.

My family and office colleagues know that I am going on a business tour as I did not want to share the information of my holiday with them.   I want this to be a secret holiday. The reason for this holiday is that I always wanted to visit the Hawaiian Islands but never got the opportunity to do so and above that I need a break in my life, that’s why I need this holiday.

I hope you understand the purpose of my holiday and keep this as a secret.

Yours best friend,

Lisa Marie Presley

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