Professional Letters

Sample professional letter

Sample professional letter

Helen R Mathews

27th Boulevard Street

Kansas, Missouri  78696

27th April 2010

Richard Gere

15th Street,

Kansas, Missouri 78693

Dear Mr. Gere

I am Helen from the citizen Freedom Society; I work as the General Manager there. I want to thank you for your kind gesture. The donation that you have given to our organization is certainly proving to be of great help to us.

The vision that we had 5 years ago of coming up with a society that helps teenagers face the real world and meet all its challenges has come true, all thanks to kind people like you. We ensure that the teenagers in and around our neighborhood are not pressurized by the monsters of the society.

We would be glad if you come to our society someday, many people wish to meet you. Please do take time out and visit us. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Helen R Mathews


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