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Sample Marketing Letter

Mrs. Davidson,

Classic cars,


East coast


How to Chop Off Half the Price on Cars

Dear Madam,

Classic cars are glad to assist you in your lookout for cars. We will provide the best piece of information on cars. Squaring down to your choices, we have amazing line up of cars that suit your needs. Cars ranging in from the lowest price to the highest price are available. We also have fresh cars and second hand as well. When it comes to second hand cars, they are refurbished in such a way that they look like the new ones. The other advantage of going with the second hand would be the price. You are in for maximum 50% off on cars. The range is based on many features.

We ensure quality products to be sold to our customers. Making sure that what we sell is what pleases the customers.

Best of Wishes,

1-800-000-0000 ext 143

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Dear Sir,

with due respect, I would like to pray your kind attention in providing me with an marketing letter format of an car show room. I am a prominent car dealer in bangladesh since 1996, which I could distribute to my valued clients.

awaiting an early reply.


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