Letter of Intents

Sample letter of intent job application

Sample letter of intent job application

Rosa Pittman

432 T, Drachmann

Tucson, AZ 878998


Dear Mr. Andrew

I the undersigned am a software engineer from Liverpool University. I am hereby applying for the job of software application engineer in your esteemed organization. I am a graduate engineer and have cleared TOEFL with a percentile of 87 and CGPA weightage of 7. The job requires application engineers and testing analysts, I am capable of both as I have worked on software re engineering and software development lifecycle from isoft solutions. I have an experience of about 4 years in isoft solutions. I have also completed a part time certificate course on graphic engineering design, from a premier institute which boosted my knowledge. I also have the knowledge on specific black box and white box testing instruments software accepted by the American software house. Apart from that I have also worked for Texas instruments as assistant software engineer. Do consider me for the applied job if found suitable and oblige.

Yours sincerely

Rosa Pittman

(Software engineer)

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