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Sample Friendship Letter

Dear Friend,

Hello! How are you? I only hope that you are perfectly fine. I know that we now seldom see each other but I assure you that I never forget you. It’s been a while that we talked about our friendship so I wrote you this letter.

It’s been a busy days with me here. My study is just fine. Everything is perfect the only thing that do not have is you. But I know that our separation is just temporary. I have new classmates and they are cool just like you. If there is a chance I’ll let them meet you so we could hang out and have a chat. My teachers are very good and we always discuss wonderful subjects.

My friend, I really miss you a lot and I also miss our good times together. Remember the last time we see each other? Gosh, it is stuck in my memory. That was great!

I hope to hear from you soon. Take care and God Bless! I love you my friend!



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