Appreciation Letters

Sample Customer Appreciation Letter

December 12, 2009

Ann Curt

34  Wallace Street, Bloomsdale

Colorado Spring CO

Dear Manager,

As one of your customers, I recently purchased a car from your company because of my friend’s recommendation. I wanted to say thank you for the assistance you gave me in purchasing the product. I can say that I am greatly satisfied with the car I bought from your company.

I would also like to speak well of your sales representative, Stephen Chow, for his great effort in helping me purchase the car I wanted. He assisted me very well and even gave me several cars to choose from and allowed me to try each one. For this reason, I was able to get the right car.

Again, I wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate the effort of your company especially your sales representative. Your great customer service is highly appreciated.


Mr. Jessica Ceil

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