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Sales Letter Writing

The importance of a good sales letter can be well understood by any business organization. Sales Letter writing can be considered as an art where you have to draft an eye catchy and impressive content for your potential customer. No matter how good your product or service is, but without a good sales letter to support, it you will fetch no positive results.

A sales letter should be drafted in such a manner so that it grabs the attention of the readers in just first few lines. The content of a sales letter should be well planned so that it leads to useful communication. The letter should be compelling enough so as to pull the prospective customer right into it and clearly states the benefits that you can offer them as compared to the other competitors in the market and that too at competitive rates.

In order to make your sales letter turn into sales it is always better to make realistic promises and mention only the facts. An exaggeration can lead to suspicion in the readers mind. If you have received any specific appreciation from your earlier clients or customers regarding your product, you can mention the same in the letter as it will surely motivate the readers. Include all your contact details like phone number, address and email in the letter and finally do not forget to thank the readers for their precious time.

Sales Letter Headline

If you intend to market any product or sell the product you need to write a marketable sales letter punctuated with a proper sales letter headline. This headline is intended to capture the attention of the reader immediately. It showers you power to arrest the interest of the target audience hence augmenting sales for your product or service.

Take for example the following 10 sales letter headlines that may raise the level of interest in your reader.

1.Your hair fall reduces in 15 days or your get the money back

2.Either you get the logo in 24 hrs or we give it free

3.Now get your honey without the bee bites

4.Buy two bottles and get free donuts

5.You are just 5 steps to success

6.Secrets of Business Management

7.$5 equals 50% more

8.Bring your old ones and take new

9.1 + 1 = 11 Surprised?

  1. Pay less to get more

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