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Sales Introduction Letter

March 20, 2010

Mr. Jim Bailey,


XYZ Business Ltd.,

Samson Lane,

Somenewplace, NJ

Dear Mr. Bailey,

Contemporary Furniturez is a firm that can provide you with modern and fashionable furniture. We boast of our experienced and expert furniture makers and the brand that we create. We are our own competition and we break our own records. We are based in New Jersey and like to help your company with the interior furniture décor.

We have come up with a new series of furniture designs that is appropriate for your office décor. As per your company administration, your company is looking forward to furniture seller cum interior decorators.  We are glad to present Contemporary Furniturez to your disposition. Our offer is to provide you with free interior décor if you decide to purchase our new line of furniture and furnishing.

Please have a look at our brochure online at   www.*****.com

Yours Sincerely,

David Jones,


Marketing Head,

Contemporary Furniturez

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