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Sales inquiry letter

Ms. Nicole Adams

Schenck Ave.

Great Neck, NY 11021

September 8, 2010

Ms. Andrea Sylvester

Sales Manager

Top Shoes, Inc.

NY 11021

Dear Ms. Sylvester,

I would like to inquire about consignment deals that your company offers.  I am highly interested in shoes and have a wealth of knowledge about this product through seminars I have attended.

I am a graduate of a Bachelor’s degree in sales and I hope to become an entrepeneur.  I am planning to start my own business and open a local department store.  I will be selling men’s and women’s clothes and accessories, among which will be shoes and sandals.  I have read a lot about your products and they have been highly reviewed by magazines and customers.  I visited one of your shops and were impressed by the style and quality of your products.

Please provide me a brochure and details of your sales packages.  I am hoping to do business with you soon.

Thank you.


Nicole Adams

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