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Sad Love Letters

Sad love letters hit a chord deep in our hearts and are a far more efficient way of expressing love. You can apply sad letters equally efficiently to both conveying your love, and also utilize them to make up when you have broken up or even to sweep someone’s feet once and for all.

My dearest,

When happiness dies, we need to find for fresh beginnings. Sometimes, a point comes into our lives when we have to reflect on our relationship – what we are doing and where we are heading. When love fades, we need to step back and cut out the dead emotions.

We had been through so much that it pains me just remembering a little bit of the moments we spent as a couple. Soon the same unavoidable separation will confront us making it even more difficult to pull through and to find that indefinable joy and serenity. I know it is hard to give up on us. I know it will only hurt even more if we let this relationship flow.

We have had our fair share of happiness and love. As we go our separate ways, let those be the memories that we remember. Prolonging it will only leave us with more bitter recollections that will overcome the happier times we once shared. Let us go and search for our own rainbows; I’m certain it will emerge when the moment is right.

Goodbye. Take care.


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