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Sad Love Letter

My baby,

Now I’m thinking about you. I’m writing this not to say hi or how are you but I want to say farewell. It pains me saying this to you but I feel this would be the best way to tell you I love you and farewell.

I know we’ve been together for years already, and you made me content and feel so appreciated. Thank you for your love and attention though it’s never been 100% mine. Thank you for the times you spent with me – good and bad. I cherish every shared moment.

I prayed time would come for us to become one in a faithful relationship, but now I understand your heart belongs to someone else. If you love me, you would have declared it and fought for it. Now my eyes are wide open from the greatest dream of my existence – the dream of having you here with me.

It’s sad and heartbreaking yet it has to be done because I know you can never be mine.

I love you. Farewell.



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