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RPF Cover Letter

If you want to win your proposal with your potential business partner, the first thing that will contribute to this success is a good cover letter. Every cover letter creates a good first impression to any job application or business proposal. Here is a sample for you to follow when writing a cover letter.

12th April 2003

Dear Mr. Matthew Erick Ricks:

Good day!

We welcome you as one of our potential business partners in our prospective project this year. We are introducing you the clothing design project that if you may would be a joint project of your MER Fashion Inc. and our KAS Prints and Designs, Inc. Upon thorough research, we have come up to deciding to ask you to be part of the project.

You are competent and the most popular when it comes to shirt designs. And our KAS Prints and Designs, Inc. is well-known for its quality printing. Basically, our proposal is to collaborate our popularity and potentials in this project. The project aims to be the largest fashion show in the United States and will produce quality shirt products. Its name will not be yet finalized until you decide to join.

The attached document is a more well-explained strategy for our proposal. Please review it well. We are open for any meetings to discuss further the proposal.


Ryan Lee

KAS Prints and Designs, Inc.

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