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Wednesday, 24-05-10


377 Elm Street


Mass 0166,


Dear Sam,

I write this letter to confirm my retirement from my position as Project lead with Protech effective 30-05-2010.

Though I am looking forward to retiring life, I will miss the busy working schedules and the company of my co-workers.

I duly appreciate the opportunities that I have been given at Protech.  It was great working there in terms of professional approach as well as the friendly environment.  I am extremely grateful to all those who have helped me in the successful completion of my service.

I am greatly indebted to Mr Roger who assisted in the first few years of my service. Without his guidance I would not have been able to reach such great heights in my career.

Please do contact me in case of any required assistance from now until my retirement.

I wish my co-workers and the company all the success in the future.



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