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Restaurant Complaint Letter

Jane Davis

34, Princeton Avenue


4th November, 2007.


Mr. James Scott


Nando’s Restaurant


Ref: Inedible Dishes

Dear Mr. Scott,

I took my team members to your restaurant on 3rd November, hoping to celebrate a happy occasion.  But, the food proved to be so bad that our mood for celebration was completely spoilt.

Though we ordered some exclusive vegetarian dishes, they contained some form of meat or other and this, despite our explicit instructions to the hotel staff.  The other dishes we ordered were equally poorly made.

I hope a restaurant of your repute pays more attention to the culinary ability of the staff and improves on the fare.

As a regular customer of your restaurant for the past 2 years, I look forward to visiting it again soon and tasting better cuisine.

With Best Wishes,

Jane Davis

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