Resignation Letters

Resignation Appointment Letter


Mr. Wood,

Junior marketing manager


Mr. James,

Head of marketing department

Dear Mr James,

I, Mr. Wood, the junior manager of the YBS mall in the marketing department, am writing this letter to put forward the plea for my resignation. The letter might come as a shock but there is a reason to defend the resignation plea put forward by me. The annual general meeting of this financial year saw me getting promoted to the post of the manager in the marketing department from the post of the junior manager in the said department.

In order to get appointed to the new managerial post, I have to give up the post of the junior marketing manager in an utter formal way. So, in order to fulfil this obligation this resignation letter has been put forward to you. I hope that the response to this letter is conceived in a quick way, since I am eager to take up my responsibilities as the manager of marketing department.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Wood

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