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Reporter Cover Letter

Mr. Steve S. Spencer

Human Resource Director

Communications Weekly, Inc.

6017 Flower Street

Los Angeles California

Dear Mr. Spencer:

As a multilingual professional with an international background that enriches my Journalism and Musical skills, I strongly feel I can make a positive contribution to your organization.

In addition to a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration I gained from University of West Coast, I can also offer:

  • I have expertise in conducting interviews with high profile individuals as evidenced by my work for Los Angeles Women in Communications with articles on Senator Mark Spender, Roberta Adamson and Sally Winters.
  • Experience as a freelance contributor to numerous publications, including Capital, an international magazine for the French community with a monthly circulation of 750,000.
  • I have knowledge of business acumen in the networking and creating strategic alliances for Uni International where I negotiated agreements with Field Associates, Net.Net and FBGTV.
  • I am fluent in French, Spanish, and English, with the ability to converse in Italian and Japanese.
  • I have comprehensive knowledge of cultural and social conditions in France, Brazil and Venezuela.
  • A rich musical history that includes performing in New York with the Young Musicians of Los Angeles, and composing culturally unique rhythms and music in numerous categories, including R&B, hip-hop and Latin.

Supplementary capabilities are listed in the enclosed resume. To talk about this matter further, I will be calling your office within a day or two to see if we might set up a time to meet.


Pamela A. Henderson

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