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Rental Inquiry Letter

Mr. Andrew Matthews

Marcelle Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53224

May 8, 2010

Mr. Tom Grindle

Summit Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53202

Dear Mr. Grindle,

A friend of mine, Mr. Alexander Stevens, has recommended your apartment and I would like to inquire about the conditions for rental and the monthly rental fee.  I also hope to inquire about the the apartments available for rental.  Mr. Stevens has been a tenant at one of your apartments and he speaks highly of your place.  He says the utilities are efficient and the apartment and furniture are in good condition.

I am looking for a place to stay for at least four years as I take my graduate studies in your town.  I would be checking out your apartments as soon as I receive a positive reply from you.  Please send your reply via mail or you may contact me at 414-760-6111.

Thank you.  I look forward to your speedy response.


Andrew Matthews

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