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Recommendation Letter for Principal

To Whom It May Concern:

Your being a supervisor of this school has been a phenomenal thing for all of us who have witnessed your exceptional talent in managing the affairs of the school. Its academic achievements during your tenure are feats that are yet unparallel in the history of the school.

As an additional asset that will help the school gain more grounds, I am recommending Richard Anderson, a person known to me, to be of high intelligence and good character to be your principal. He will assist you greatly with the achievement of scholastic goals and objective set forth by the board.

Mr. Anderson has extensive knowledge in academic affairs and has adequate training in management skills. He approaches his work with cheer and diligence, taking pride in honest achievements and excellent work ethics.

It will be to your mutual advantage if you could talk to him personally. He will be very glad to come to your honorable office at a time of your convenience. His credentials will be with him so you could have a thorough understanding of his traits and personality. I hope that you will have a mutual understanding of all pertinent issues.


Maria Stella Sheen

District School Teacher

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