Recommendation Letters

Recommendation Letter Example

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend to you Mr. Benedict Stones for his application for the position of a Web Programmer to your company. He worked for us for three years and I can say that we are impressed by his continuous effort to make his work successful.

He had worked for us as a web programmer and I can say that his codes are neat, well done and can be understood by other programmers as well. He had done so many things we did not expect he is capable of doing.

For us, he is so much qualified for the job that we gave him an opportunity to improve and achieve something greater than what he had here. Our desire is to see him succeed and we know that your company would give it to him. We fully believe in his abilities and trust him that whatever work he does, he will succeed and do it efficiently.

I hope that my recommendation would help Mr. Stones in achieving a good position in your company. Thank you.

Mark Jonas

Team Manager, Info Tribe Management Solutions

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