Recommendation Letters

Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies


Sharon Mill,

Dean – Students,

London University,

#4, Chester,


London, CH3.

5th March, 2012

Subject : Recommendation letter from professor for admission into post graduate course

Dear Ms. Sharon,

I have had the pleasure of teaching Ms. Shelly as my student in history classes for the past three years. She has always been a hard working student with the necessary dedication and commitment to achieve highest grades all through her academic pursuits. She fulfilled all the requirements of our University to be awarded the best student for the year 2011. She has a great reputation with her classmates, other professors on account of her mature and responsible behavior.

On account of her personality traits and academic excellence I highly recommend her for admission into the Post graduate program offered by your prestigious University. She will prove herself to be an ideal candidate even in your university when given an opportunity.

Yours truly,

Daniel Pam,

Head of the Department – History

Glasgow University of London.


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