Proposal Letter

Proposal Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Please be informed that our company, Petterson and Petterson Inc., is offering you a business proposal that we believe will save both our business during today’s global economic crisis.

The business proposal that I am referring are attached here together with the feasibility study of the project and the list of other parties involved.

It is such a hard time to survive with these financial difficulties that we have to think of great options to stay in the business and to finally come out victorious after this devastating crisis at hand. This proposal have been carefully studied and considered several possibilities. The project is huge that many has been interested upon my presentation of the proposal.

I have nothing to say as the proposal attached here explains everything but I really do hope for your positive response on this matter. This proposal is still confidential and is not shown to the media as of the moment.

Thank you and God bless!

Truly yours,

Mr. Roger L. Petterson

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