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Promotion announcement letter


Senior Marketing Manager


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mr. Sam

Sales Manager

Subject: Mr. Sam to be Senior Sales Manager

Let me take immense pleasure to announce that Mr. Sam will take charge as the new Senior Sales Manager. Mr. Sam has been in the company for 5 years and has been a strong positive figure behind the company’s growth and development. He has great level of knowledge and reasoning. The new marketing strategy that he comes up with, by the end of every meeting fruits awesome results.

He has a total of 10 years of experience in the software marketing field and has worked with many high level software companies in the country. He has got high degrees of understanding and team management, beyond doubt is the best. We wish you all the best regarding the promotion as you are going to have increased responsibility.

Congratulations on the new role on behalf of all of us, Mr. Sam!



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