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Professional thank you letter

Sample Professional thank you letter

Richard Mathews

12th Main Street

Kansas Missouri 87965

27Th April, 2010

Bruce Williams

The Manager

XYZ organization

Kansas Missouri 56986

Dear Mr. Williams:

I am Richard from the Red Cross Society; I want to thank you for the kind donation that you have given for our society. We want to express our gratitude and appreciate people like you, who understand the needs of other people and help the needy to seek a better life.

I am running short of words for your kind gesture. We, at our end, want to thank you and May god bless you and bestow upon you all that you need. You have brought a new ray of hope in many people’s lives.

Thank you once again. We would be glad if you could come down to our society in person and spend some time with us. Please do let us know when you get time out of your schedule. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Richard Mathews


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