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Professional Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as my personal letter of recommendation for Dominic Romero. As the general manager in our company, I have hired Mr. Romero because I can see the potential in him and I was not mistaken. He eventually became one of the leading employees and he received many prestigious awards as an outstanding leader and motivator.

Mr. Romero has a winning attitude, which drives him to do his best in every project he handled. He was able to draw out the potential of our employees and was has remarkable focus to achieve success and endeavor. For us, Mr. Romero could be described as a professional. He is an outstanding person with great ideas and goals.

Dominic was considered as a great leader. He was able to maximize the potential of our company by giving us good results in terms of sales and profit.

Today, we feel sad to let him go. We know that he is looking for a company what would allow him to improve his capacity in business so it is my pleasure to recommend Dominic for your company.


Jacob Bisana

General Manager, DWC Corporation

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