Recommendation Letters

Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter in behalf of my colleague Ms. Aria Jace. Ms. Jace and I have worked in the same hospital for four years. We were both assigned in the pediatric intensive care unit where I was able to become a witness to her reliable and noteworthy skills in the field of nursing. Ms. Jace was successful and dutiful in carrying out all the necessary tasks in the unit, dealing with a great number of pediatric clients with different cases on a daily basis.

Ms. Jace possesses the admirable ability to work well under pressure and to see the best in people at the worst of times. Through her patience, perseverance and skills in dealing with children, she was able to lend her therapeutic hand to the sick children, assisting in their fast recovery and transition from the emergency state to a stable status. She has saved many lives through her dedication in her nursing career.

As Ms. Jace’s co-worker in the area, I can firmly say that your institution will benefit greatly from her broad range of nursing skills and attitude.


Rose Mayer

Registered Nurse

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