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Robert Brown

21st Avenue

Kansas Missouri 45697

27th April 2010

Zeta Bones

26th street

Kansas Missouri 45623

Dear Ms. Zeta

Hi, I am Robert from the Growing Citizen Academy. We had a vision a couple of years ago to come up with programs that actually gets all the citizens to know their true potential.

We have programs for all age groups, but our target group has always been the teenagers. Considering that the teenagers can hold a lot of importance in the coming future, it is them who should get to know what hidden talents they have and enhance those skills. These programs are optional. There is no compulsion from any end to get into such programs. Many people come to us all by themselves. We have programs for duration of 6 months to two years. The student can choose a particular course that suits him the best.

We have been involved in this kind of work for over years now. So far, the journey has been great. However, we would want to invite you to be a part of our program. Your inputs will help us through the road and we would get to learn from your experiences.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Robert Brown

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