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Poor Customer Service

August 19, 2010

Dear Smart Communications,

I recently subscribed to your mobile Internet service since you appeared to a good mobile Internet service provider. In addition, you also claimed that you offer the best customer service on your advertisements. However, I would like to claim that your customer service is poor, and I would like your company to act on this issue accordingly.

I called your customer care representative to inquire about the very slow connection I have been experiencing for a week. They customer care representative, instead of politely asking what is the problem on my connection, snapped at me instead. She did not explain the solution, and did not even politely ask on what I have been experiencing with your Internet service.

I hope that conduct is not tolerated in your company.


Susan Green to;  mr??? ?? m-alt:auto; line-height:normal’>I would like to invite you and Randy on my upcoming send off next week (August 20, 2010) at Gerry’s Grill and Restaurant located at Anapolis St. I would like the both of you to be present in that special event as most of my close friends are coming over.  The party will start at around 8 p.m. and may end until dawn. I will be going to Thailand soon for my post graduate studies.

Should there be any conflict in your schedule, please tell me right away.

I hope you can make it on that special day of mine.



Truly yours,

Margaret Edwards

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