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Pharmacist Cover Letter

15th July 2009

Dr. Harvey Wentworth,

Ryan Kent Hospital

35, Wilbur Avenue

New Haven, CT 06790

Dear Dr. Wentworth,

I came across an advertisement in the New Milford Times regarding a vacancy for the post of Chief Pharmacist at your esteemed hospital. I would like to send in my application for the same.

A pharmacist by profession and training, I have over 10 years of experience in the field with the best hospitals in the country. I am well versed in the area of medicines and am constantly reading and learning about the new entrants in the market. I believe that I can offer freshness in approach to your hospital and ensure that patients and customers are treated to the best care that is in tune with your hospital standards.

I love what I do and hence this enables me to approach customers with a confidence and affability that ensures perfect sales. I have been awarded the best pharmacist award at Milton Hospital for four consecutive years.

I would love the opportunity of working for an esteemed institution like yours and would be available for an interview any time suitable for you at (203) 444-0980

Looking forward for your reply and thanking you in advance for the consideration.

Faithfully yours,

Steven Dundee

Steven Dundee

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