Agreement Letters

Personal Loan Agreement Letter


Mr Lawrence,

3B, Big Hut Apartments,

Williamson Street,

New Orleans


Mr Ribera,

Bank Manager,

ICUC bank,

New Orleans

Dear Mr Ribera,

I, Mr Lawrence, am writing this letter with regards to the personal loan agreement which I wish to enter with your bank. The bank has approved my application for personal loan and then the meeting between the two of us have resulted in the drafting of the clauses of the personal loan agreement. However, the agreement which surfaced in front of me couple of weeks after the discussion has certain clauses in disarray as to those upon which brought in our consensus. I am certain that there has been some misunderstanding which resulted in alteration of the clauses of the agreement.

I wish to hear your word in this context at the earliest so that the legal procedure for the loan agreement can be completed at the earliest and I shall get access to the loan amount as soon as possible. I am expecting that the needful shall be done.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Lawrence

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