Leave Letters

Parental Leave Letter

Gabriel Black

13, Victoria Apartments

New Jersey

23rd October, 2007.


Mr. Rupert Wolfe


XYZ Company

New York

Ref: Application for Parental Leave

Dear Mr. Wolfe,

I wish to apply for Parental leave and request you to let me avail it from 1st November to 3rd week of January.  I have been advised by my Gynecologist that my baby may be due anytime in the first week of November.  I have enclosed the relevant medical documents along with this application.

As the primary carer for the baby I wish to take about 11 weeks Parental leave starting from 1st November.  I shall be able to resume duties as planned if there are no other complications.  In case of any unforeseen medical event, I would like to apply for extended leave as and if the need so arises.

I have also given my contact details including phone numbers and email id to both the HR Department and my team members where they can reach me, if need be.

I request you to kindly approve and sanction the parental leave at the earliest, so as to help me complete other formalities.

Thanking You,


Gabriel Black

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